Holistic Nutrition

Great health starts with a nutrition plan

The way I coach will teach you to enjoy and obtain maximum pleasure from your meals and engaging in calm, relaxing mealtime habits. Heighten your  senses by concentrating on the taste, texture, and smell of the food.  


I will not be creating a meal plan for you that is not sustainable long term. I WILL however, be guiding you to make BETTER choices that suit YOUR  lifestyle and foods you like, at the same time, teaching you about hunger cues, eating slowly, better food choices, paying attention to the foods you put in your mouth, reading your labels, cleaning out your pantry of empty calories, knowing when to stop eating and understanding that “full, I’ve had enough feeling.”    

Instead, you will eat in an intuitive manner.  Hunger sensations will guide your eating. It is not necessary to eat at “breakfast” time if you are not hungry. Just wait until your body gives you signs that you are hungry.  That grumble in your tummy that says it’s time.  

In pursuit of endless weight loss goals  you can avoid overeating by asking yourself, “Am I really hungry for another bite, or have I had enough?” OR “am I really just bored, so ….what’s can I eat?” Furthermore, paying attention to how food makes your body feel, will naturally regulate your appetite and caloric intake. Intuitive eating is the  absolute contradiction of the compulsive approach where portions, calories, and food choices are obsessively regimented and measured against some gimmicky diet, which we all know, is very challenging to maintain in the long term.   

Don’t eat and run, but carve out enough time in your day to sit down and savor your meal one bite at a time. Enjoy eating with friends, or eating alone with some relaxing music. Eat your food slowly and chew each bite completely to facilitate proper digestion.  Remember life is to be enjoyed and savored!!

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